Taiwan Green Island Global Diving Photography Competition

There is an excellent marine ecology system in Green Island, a world-class color of water and it is the best diving site in Taiwan. The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau (East management office for short) hold the competition to let more people know Green Island’s world-class diving environment and the surrounding of beautiful oceans, and raise people consciousness of caring and protecting the ocean.

Competition Time:
September 30, 2017 to August 31, 2018, please arrange underwater filming on your own.

Competition Area:
There are many diving areas in Green Island, such as Hsianggutuo, Dianxinagan Reef, Six meters Reef, Jizai Reef, Gangtie Reef (Yanyu District), Jiaotang, Baisha Reef, Chaiping, Shenchuan, Gunshuiping, Bingyu Reef, Youzihu , Cathedral, DaJiaotang, Sankuaishi, Luomenyen, Haishulin, Yixiantian, Haigou, Xiaochoudou, Daxiagou, Gongguanbihuo Reef, Shandong, Landon and Jufu Layer.

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