An Australian company has brought a new and innovative device to Canada. It’s called a Seabin and the purpose is simple — to help clean up trash in the ocean.

The devices are installed in specific problem areas at marinas, yacht clubs, ports or other calm bodies of water.

Because of their positioning, the wind and the currents are able to bring the debris to collect in the Seabin.

“A Seabin is basically a floating trash bin that we put in the marinas and it just sits there on the floating docks and it collects all the plastics, the debris, some surface oils,” said Peter Ceglinski, the CEO and co-founder of The Seabin Project.

Ceglinski and his team have been working on the Seabin idea for six years.

It’s estimated that one Seabin can catch an estimated 1.5 kilograms of floating debris per day.

“Over a year, that’s around a half a ton, and if you times that by 100 Seabins or 1,000 Seabins, you can really start to measure the impact,” said Ceglinski.

“They’re sitting there, they’re working 24/7, they’re just continually catching debris.”

Right now, the Seabin is still in the pilot project phase. To date, there are now 11 Seabins in eight countries around the world.

Five hundred Seabin devices will go on sale on Nov. 6, at a cost of $3,300 per unit. Once the Seabins are out there, Ceglinski would like to be able to recycle the debris the device catches.

This article was originally published on Global News. Read the original article.