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No water, no life. No blue, no green. - Sylvia Earle
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We know that when we protect our oceans we're protecting our future. - William J. Clinton

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Ocean covers 71% of earth surface and raise millions of lives, it also plays the role of controlling the climate. As the source of all lives, ocean is so connected with human being. Ocean conservation is important not only because of the development of tourism, also the benefit for the offspring. Therefore, Ocean Seeds Conservation Association wish to raise people’s awareness about ocean pollution, and to enhance people’s knowledge about ocean, so they can use ocean wisely and then to protect it. We shall plant a seed of ocean sustainability in everyone’s heart.


Devil Rays

were caught per year


Green Sea Turtles

were killed per year

(in Indo-Australian archipelago)



were killed per year


Blue Whales




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ocean news

Collaborative conservation approach for endangered reef fish yields dramatic results

A researcher swims in the midst of a Nassau Grouper aggregation as part of an ongoing effort to track the critically endangered species numbers.

Losing Nemo: clownfish ‘cannot adapt to climate change’

Clown fish face an uncertain future as they lack the reproductive genetic variation to cope changes in their environment driven by climate change

New disease hits corals

The emergence of a new coral disease in Micronesian reefs, termed grey-patch disease, is reported in the open access journal Microbiome.

‘It’s Pathetic:’ World Fails to Protect One of the Most Eaten Sharks

Disbelief and disappointment are some of the more PG-rated reactions coming from the ocean conservation community on Tuesday in response to a decision not to protect mako sharks.