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No water, no life. No blue, no green. - Sylvia Earle
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We know that when we protect our oceans we're protecting our future. - William J. Clinton

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Ocean covers 71% of earth surface and raise millions of lives, it also plays the role of controlling the climate. As the source of all lives, ocean is so connected with human being. Ocean conservation is important not only because of the development of tourism, also the benefit for the offspring. Therefore, Ocean Seeds Conservation Association wish to raise people’s awareness about ocean pollution, and to enhance people’s knowledge about ocean, so they can use ocean wisely and then to protect it. We shall plant a seed of ocean sustainability in everyone’s heart.


Devil Rays

were caught per year


Green Sea Turtles

were killed per year

(in Indo-Australian archipelago)



were killed per year


Blue Whales




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ocean news

Callum Roberts: ‘Sharks do bite people, they do kill people, but it’s more error than intention’

The marine biologist’s new book describes his lifelong love affair with the oceans, and the grave threat undersea life faces

After Getting Whaled on by Environmentalists, the Trump Administration Is Helping a Vulnerable Sea Mammal

the administration announced it plans to designate more than 300,000 square nautical miles off the coasts of Alaska, California, Oregon, and Washington as critical habitat for three vulnerable humpback whale populations.

Scientists ‘must be allowed to cry’ about destruction of nature

A coral rubblefield in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, severely damaged by illegal dynamite fishing.

Madagascar’s unique dugongs in danger

Scientists have used historic DNA to discover some of the highest-risk populations of the endangered dugong are so genetically distinct, losing them would be the equivalent of losing a species of elephant.